Downloads (v5)

Perform a complete data and software backup before running/installing the V5 software setup. Locate the folder titled “OS3DE”. A standard installation will have the folder installed at C:\TSI\OS3DE. Copy and paste the “OS3DE” folder to a secure location, such as an external hard drive or a USB flash drive. The “OS3DE” folder will contain all of your project data and your software version.

The complete install setup and software update are free to all customers that have purchased Version 5 and are on the paid Annual Support Program. If you are not on the Annual Support Program, you can request update pricing information online or call 800-429-9002.

Software Update and Full Software Installation for Tradesmen’s OS3DE V5

Download, save and run the setup file below to install the latest version of Tradesmen’s On-Screen 3D Estimator. The install Setup will default to “Upgrade to a new version” if you have Version 5 already installed and will default to “Full Install” if you do not have Version 5 installed on your machine. Please read the appropriate installation instructions provided below, before installing the V5 setup file.

*Please be sure to CLOSE OS3DE prior to installing an update.  Updating while OS3DE is still open will require a restart and your license will not be properly released.

**Any time you install an update and open the software, please take a few minutes to click on the word ‘Help’ then ‘What’s New’ and review what we’ve added for the update.

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