What’s New

Most Prominent Changes for v5.0g

Added Additional Grout Height for Openings

Added Delete picks for Rebar and Verticals from Delete Menu on the Place Wall screen

Changes for v5.0f

Enhanced Details in the IFC Conversion Module. The IFC file can now contain the same details shown in the OS3DE Place Wall Screen, selected from Graphic Options. LOD 350

Opening Sills can now have Grout and Rebar

New Internal Rules to help prevent bad Rebar Schedule data with regards to Lifts and Lap

Reduce Rebar Height and Max Rebar Height added to Rebar Schedule

Resizable window for Select 2D Plans to Show

Autosize Splitter for [OSP]

Refined calculations

After update is installed, click on the word ‘Help’ then ‘What’s New’ for more details on new features.

New for 2017, 5.0E – Wall Cards.  These cards are intended to help you take the information from the take off and use that information in the field.  Generate a Wall Card and break down reports for any given wall, from Segments, Sections, Corners, Control Joints, Jambs or specific lengths.  What do you need ready for today…. stock for tomorrow… and have on order for next week?

The Wall Card Feature is an add on module intended for Project Management with further development to come.  Stick with us, this is good stuff.

Enhanced performance for graphic generation with rebar and grout.

Graphic Options added Rebar Cuts, before cuts were always shown. This change allows the user to render a basic Rebar Placement and/or the details of the Rebar Placement with Lap.

New Rebar Schedule feature. Insert different lifts, laps and even different Rebar within in a given Rebar Schedule. This will provide a better, more detailed report for Rebar Cuts.

What is it? [tab] When this tab is selected and you click on an area of the graphic, you will see information for the Material, Mortar, Crew, Wall, Odd Course or Opening Schedule and Opening Placement,   Segment/Section/Length and Project.  When you double-click on one of these rows, the update screen opens so that you can edit or look at the detail of the area you selected in the graphic.  For example, if you double-click on the Material row, the Update Project Material screen opens.  Make your change(s), OK and Refresh the graphic.

-New Wire Screen- Entry areas have been added for below the wall: Foundation WireSpacing and Height (alters Flashing Elev).

-Coping Screen and Top of Wall Screen Combined.  Primary material will render at the top of the wall.

New Cavity Screen replaces the Cavity, Insulation, Parging. and Mortar Net now rendering at wall base and above openings

-Select 2D Plans to Show window now has camera viewpoint icons above the list of 2D Plans so that you can change the viewpoint to OutsideInside,PerspectivePlan or Cross Section without having to click on the Camera button to open Graphic Options


 Please click on www.tradesmens.com/sample/demo-video to see the biggest changes in Version 5 compared to Version 4