Will Tradesmen’s OS3DE work on any tablets?

The software will operate on a tablet with a full Windows operating system installed. We have tested on the Microsoft Surface Pro 3 and found the performance adequate for demonstrations and field management. The Surface 3 is a perfect pairing for our On-Screen 3D Viewer (OS3DV) license. We do not recommend for daily take-off use at this time.

When should I do backups and what is the best way to do them?

Backups should be done a minimum of once a week. They are so easy to do now, that we recommend they are performed daily.

The easiest way to do a backup is to copy the .\SO3DE folder (typical install is C:\TSI\OS3DE) and then paste it to an external hard drive, flash drive or Cloud location. This will save your database and your version of the software. Current operating systems have a backup program built in. You can and should backup the OS3DE folder to an external location/hard drive on a regular basis.

What does Error “19” indicate?

You are trying to open the program and it is already open. This tends to happen when you click on the Tradesmen’s icon too many times.

What does Error “#5” indicate?

The program is unable to locate or access your data (.tps files). Have someone with “administrative” access, log on to your computer. Check to make sure your “user” id has full permissions for Tradesmen’s Software.

My floor plan images went missing when I switched to a different project. How do I get them back?

You can avoid this issue by keeping all of the floor plans in one file location. One file location with different sub folders is appropriate. Do not move or rename the floor plan images after you have inserted them into your project. The program will then always look in the same spot and will never need to be redirected.
To retrieve your images, you will need to return to Screen “OSB” and right click on the plan name at the top. Select “Change” after you did the right click and follow the procedure to bring the images in again.

I am getting “Error. Access Violation”. How do I resolve this?

The Error/Access Violation errors are most commonly associated with graphics and video cards. First, check if you are running the latest NVIDIA driver for your video card.

Another occurrence is when generating reports. Essentially when generating a report, this is really a print preview and the program is attempting to communicate with your default printer. Change the printer setup form [PRM] Project Reports Messages, choose a file printer instead of a paper printer and see if you can now generate the report. Chances are your report does generate with the file printer. We recommend that you update the driver for your current paper printer.

I am unable to drag and drop my assemblies. What happened and how do I fix this?

The windows within the program have been maximized. They will need to be reset to their original settings. If you are running 4.1d or newer, you can simply click on the “Restore Down” tab in the upper right corner.

In the future, do not maximize your windows, but rather stretch them to your desired size.

My openings on Screen “PW” are not visible. Why can I not see them?

Check the perspective in your graphic options, which is the “Camera” tab on “PW”.  Openings will not show in floor plan mode.