About Us

Bill Pacetti, president and developer of Tradesmen’s Software, was born into a family of masons. Generations of the Pacetti family, including Bill’s grandfather, father and brothers have been involved in the masonry business, dating back to the 1800’s when Bill’s great grandfather was a stone mason in Italy. Tradesmen’s Software’s ongoing success is enhanced by the fact that Bill physically laid brick and block for over thirty-five years and was a mason contractor for thirteen of those years.

That experience, along with eighteen years of knowledge he has accumulated while working with computers, can be shared with any customers calling in for technical support, no matter how technical the questions are or how complicated the wall take-off can be. That kind of technical support, whether handled by Bill or members of his family who are employees of Tradesmen’s Software and are very familiar with the masonry industry, is available seven days a week.