Reduce Your Take-Off Time by Over 50%

Save more time by doing your take-off only once!!! Do it right the first time! When you complete your take-off, you will have a bottom line bid price that includes materials, labor dollars and equipment. You will also have an accurate and detailed report of the estimated quantity of materials. There will be no need to do a second take-off to order your materials and supplies.

Accurate: If you takeoff a modular brick pier, backed up with 8” CMU, that is 2’-0 x 2’-0” x 8’-0” you have exactly 360 mod brick and 24 8” CMU. This pier take-off shouldn’t take you more than 10 seconds to do. Make any size pier in seconds and have exact quantities.

Detailed: They say a picture is worth a 1,000 words? This picture is worth thousands and thousands of time-saving dollars to the mason contractor. When you do a take-off with Tradesmen On-Screen 3D Estimator (OS3DE), you get all these detailed pieces without spending any extra take-off time! The estimating program can automatically figure all of these pieces and give you a detailed piece count as you do your take-offs! With OS3DE there is never a need to go back and spend thousands of dollars to get this piece count after you are awarded a project. Enter a wall banding, with its elevation, and Tradesmen’s OS3DE knows what materials to add and deduct for any openings, control joints, jambs or corners. This great feature alone justifies investing in Tradesmen’s OS3DE.

Tradesmen’s Assembly System is fast and allows you to select any wall or opening from an existing project assembly and bring it into your new project. You can modify the wall or opening height and add different material items that might be required for the new take-off. The Copy Last feature will eliminate the repetitious entering of information by allowing you to copy and modify assemblies you just built within your project. The amount of time you save will “snowball” as you increase the size of your data base.

Eliminate Costly Mistakes

Why do your take-off in 3D? … Have you ever submitted a bid and were awarded the job and only to find out your numbers were much lower than your competition? Did you worry about what you might have missed? Did you lose money on the job because of what you overlooked? Tradesmen’s On-Screen 3D Estimator will generate a 3D model as you do your take-off and give you instant visual verification, that you have not excluded anything from that job.

Over the years of estimating, we have all made mistakes: missing walls and sometimes even missing a building from an estimate. Those mistakes have cost the mason contractor a lot of money. Having a 3D model for visual verification, will almost guarantee you’ll never have those costly mistakes again!

  • See the actual Wall Section displayed as you build it.
  • See the building displayed as you do your take-off! View it in Perspective Mode, Outside Mode, Inside Mode or Plan Mode.
  • Zoom in, walk through and see your work at any elevation
  • Figure special wall shapes, such as Piers, Gables, Slopes and Steps.
  • BIM Modeling Capabilities

What is BIM? Building Information Modeling (BIM) is a digital representation of physical and functional characteristics of a facility. A BIM model is a shared knowledge resource for information about a facility forming a reliable basis for decisions during its life-cycle; defined as existing from earliest conception to demolition.

Today’s mason contractor is going to see an increase in demand put upon them to produce a BIM model as part of their bid agreement. Most mason contractors do not have the ability to create a model in house and have to contract someone for thousands of dollars to produce one for them.

Tradesmen’s Software, Inc. does offer an IFC conversion service for our customers.  Contract for details

IFC (Industry Foundation Class) file.

This model of your 3D masonry take-off can be incorporated into most BIM projects, saving you time and money.

Enhance Professional Presentation with Instant Design Changes

We have customers using Tradesmen’s OS3DE that are getting jobs awarded to them because their presentations look so professional. You will gain instant credibility when presenting with Tradesmen’s OS3DE.

When the mason contractor makes his presentation, the prospective customer might ask what the cost would be to make some possible changes in the design, such as bandings, pilasters, different bonding, different color material, different color mortar, arched openings, limestone jambs, circular openings, and panels. You can instantly give them the cost difference for those changes and you can show them what those changes would look like.

If you want to enhance your professional image, invest in Tradesmen’s On-Screen 3D Estimator.

Enhanced Field Knowledge and Integration

Tradesmen’s Software customers are using the 3D viewing to ramp up their mason foreman for a new project. The foreman is able to see what an area or building is going to look like before they actually start laying the first brick and can eliminate any number of possible costly mistakes. The foreman can also use Tradesmen’s On-Screen 3D Viewer license to “walk through” the virtual building in 3D, which will give them a feel of how they can efficiently execute the project. Training your foreman to use the OS3DV license will save time, money and enhance the communication between the field and the office.

Go Green and Reduce Overhead Costs

How much money does your company spend on purchasing or printing out paper plans every month? Tradesmen’s On-Screen 3D Estimator can pay for itself in a very short time, especially if you utilize today’s available technology and go paperless. Import the digital floor plans directly into Tradesmen’s OS3DE and do your take-off directly on your monitor.

Plus, who doesn’t want to help save the environment?

Increase Productivity and Morale in Your Estimating Department

We have estimators using our 3D masonry estimating program that tell us, “Don’t tell my boss about how much fun I’m having using this estimating program!” That really increases productivity in the estimating department without giving anyone a raise! If you want to attract or keep qualified professional estimators employed, give them a tool that they can feel good about, increases productivity, eliminates mistakes and is fun to use!

Easy To Learn and Use

Tradesmen’s Master Estimator was designed by a mason contractor for the mason contractor. The software is intuitive to learn for someone with estimating experience and general computer knowledge/skills.

The hands-on audio walk-through makes it easy to get started. The estimating program comes with over 400 material items in the database. You don’t have to take the time to enter any information before you can get started learning the program. You will use our labor rates, crews, lay rates, mortar yields, etc., to go through the walk-through. Your basic information is added after completing the walk-through.

Tradesmen’s Software provides a toll free 800# to use if our new or existing customers have any questions or need assistance with the project they are working on. You can also schedule one-on-one conference time with linked computers.